How Custom Apparel Can Help Your Business Meet Your Marketing Goals This Year

Once the champagne has been corked and the chaos of the holiday season settled down, it’s time to set your mind to achieving your business marketing goals of 2018. Whether your goals are to increase sales, build brand awareness, launch a new product or service or improve internal morale, investing in custom apparel for your business can help you.

Custom Apparel to Build Brand Awareness

The more people see your brand and your message, the more likely they are to remember your company when they need your product or service. Custom printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets branded with your company logo or message provide an opportunity to boost brand visibility in a very cost-effective way. Many of our trade clients say neighbours and passersby have asked to take a photo of the company name on the back of their custom t-shirt to remember the business when they need to call someone to paint their house or landscape their lawn.

Custom Apparel to Give Your Product Launch a Boost

A custom t-shirt is a great way to get the news out about a new product or service your company is launching. Are you a bagel shop introducing a new bagel flavour? Make sure everyone in your shop knows about it by outfitting your staff in custom t-shirts advertising your new product offering.

Entripy client wearing customized sweatshirt with company logo.

Custom t-shirts for product launches are a fun way to engage staff in the new product and are a great conversation starter. Rather than staff asking every customer “can I tell you about our new service?”, screen printing your new product or service offering on a custom t-shirt grabs the attention of your customers, prompting them to say “tell me more”.

Custom Apparel to Improve Team Morale

For the same reason that sports teams wear the same colour jerseys branded with their team logo, when a group of people are wearing the same custom t-shirt, personalized golf shirt or custom embroidered jacket, they feel a sense of unity with their team members. Outfitting your staff in custom apparel branded with your company logo or message can instantly improve team morale, encourage team work and foster feelings of loyalty and belonging.

Chiropractic company wearing company uniforms of custom polos and printed t-shirts with their company logo.

Custom Apparel as Affordable Advertisement

A custom t-shirt branded with your company logo is an inexpensive way to promote your businesses products and services. Sure, you can spend thousands on TV, radio ads and billboards, but a custom t-shirt branded with your company’s message or logo puts your brand right in front of your desired customers and gets your message seen and heard.

Custom Apparel Makes It Easy for Loyal Customers to Talk About You

Customers love getting gifts. Why not give them the gift that keeps on giving to your marketing efforts? Gifting custom t-shirts to your clients means you can create a tribe of brand ambassadors who advertise your brand everywhere they go and can talk about your company to their network.

The digital marketing agency Single Grain claims to have made $500,000 simply by printing their logo on the front of a custom t-shirt and a simple message on the back and giving them away for free to their clients and Facebook followers.

Giving away custom t-shirts to clients, followers or staff creates an army of walking billboards, at a much lower price than an actual billboard. When people wear your custom t-shirt, they are showing off your logo everywhere they go – from their local coffee shop to the gym, the supermarket and even a business meeting. The possibilities for getting your logo seen are endless.

Custom Apparel to Stand Out

Whether you’re attending a networking event, a trade show or a charity event, wearing an attractive custom t-shirt can help you stand out from the crowd, and can even help to amplify your group’s presence. Outfitting a small number of staff in bright-coloured, attention-grabbing custom t-shirts featuring your brand logo and a catchy tagline at a conference or event causes other event attendees to think there must be more of you than there actually are, because they feel they see your t-shirts everywhere they turn.

Entripy client wearing custom long sleeve t-shirt with company logo.

Are you ready to reach your marketing goals this year?

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