How Custom Apparel Can Help Motivate Employees

Employees at Glow Academy wearing black custom t-shirts with their company logo.

Inspire Your Employees With Custom Apparel

Regardless of your industry, custom branded apparel can help enhance your brand and improve your company’s bottom line. Branding your apparel with your company logo helps to promote your company’s identity and establish a professional image. But along with the many benefits to your company’s branding strategy, printing or embroidering your logo on custom apparel can have a residual positive impact on your employees’ attitudes and work ethic.

Custom Apparel Improves Morale

One of the biggest advantages to outfitting employees in custom apparel is the boost it can give to employee attitudes and work ethic. Gifting your employees, a custom embroidered jacket or polo can go a long way to making them feel appreciated. When employees feel like valued members of a team, they are more likely to be loyal to the company, show pride in their work and be more productive.

Customer wearing Entripy's colour-block custom sweatshirt and custom sweatpants with their custom design.

Custom Apparel Improves Performance

Employees are often more motivated to get work done when they feel part of something larger than themselves. When sporting their company logo, employees are more likely to feel accountable for the company’s success and more motivated to get work done. Plus, employees wearing branded apparel tend to act more professionally, knowing that their actions when out in public will reflect on the company.

Custom Apparel Promotes Team Identity

Have you ever been high-fived by a total stranger while sporting a t-shirt baring your local hockey team’s logo? In the same way that sports fans are united by a sense of camaraderie when they support apparel with their team’s logo, company branded customized apparel can help employees identify with one another and feel as though they’re part of a community. When a group of people are wearing the same clothing, they instantly feel a sense belonging, making custom apparel an easy and cost-effective way to boost collaboration and teamwork.

Entripy employees at a bowling event wearing custom t-shirts with Entripy logo and personalized with names.

Consider providing employees with custom apparel at your next staff outing. For Entripy’s staff bowling event, we provided each participant with a commemorative t-shirt to wear during the event. The custom t-shirts not only helped identify teammates, but helped to foster a sense of community among employees, many of whom worked in different departments and didn’t even know each other’s names!

What to Consider When Selecting Custom Apparel Products:

While there are many benefits to outfitting staff in custom branded apparel, there are a few things to consider to ensure employees are proud to wear their company clothing.

Put Comfort First

You want your employees to enjoy wearing their company apparel. Cotton is a popular choice for employee t-shirts as it’s a light, breathable fabric that’s both comfortable and easy to care for. The Jerzees Hi-Densit-T is a popular 100% cotton customized t-shirt that’s both comfortable and durable and is ideal for corporate team building events. For a professional look for the office, the Coal Harbour Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt (Ladies’ EL016L) is a great option. This cotton/poly blend is wrinkle-resistant making it easy to care for and soft and comfortable against your skin for everyday wear.

Employees wearing construct company custom t-shirt with their company logo.

Make the Design Attractive

If you want to take some creative license with your apparel design, consider running a contest and allow employees to contribute ideas for your company t-shirts. They’ll enjoy wearing the product more if they feel they were given some creative input into the design.

Personalize Your Apparel

Everyone likes to feel special. Consider embroidering employees’ names on the front of your company shirts, or on the sleeve. Personalization adds a sophisticated look to your apparel and makes it a more personal gift that employees will be proud to wear.

Find the Perfect Fit

Consider individual body types when selecting custom apparel. Have employees measure themselves to ensure a proper custom fit for their company shirts. If you’re purchasing custom apparel for both genders, consider products that offer men’s and ladies’ style options.

Entripy's employees wearing white custom t-shirts at bowling with their names personalized on the back.

For a 100% cotton t-shirt, consider the Gildan SoftStyle Ring Spun T-Shirt for men and the corresponding Gildan Junior Fit Cotton Pre-Shrunk Jersey T-Shirt for ladies. This custom t-shirt offers a super soft surface and a tailored fit for both the sexes. Entripy offers many work shirts, custom jackets and polos in men’s and ladies’ styles.