Guide To Help You Place Your Custom Clothing Order

Entripy's resources page is designed to give you all the information you need to understand how customization works. This page features useful PDF guides on each aspect of customizing your Entripy custom clothing. Simply click on each link and see a PDF guide that help with your decision making on a particular part of the customization process.

Get help with Stock Inks, Stock Fonts and More

Various stock colours displayed to choose from for custom printed tote bags.

Check out our stock colours available for your custom designs. There are 49 in total with 40 regular colours, metallic colours and process colours. Be aware that process colours are available on white garments only. Think about which colours will go best against the colour of your custom garment. You will see that there is a PDF guide especially for Jerzees custom clothing. There is also a different range of options available for your custom tote bags to see the different colour options that are available with your custom logo.

Choosing the right font is important as it can represent your team, business or brand in a certain way. There are 25 different fonts available, covering a range of styles including serifs, non-serifs, script, kids, athletic and funky.

There are also guides for stock embroidery fonts and personalization fonts for names and numbers. You will need to choose colours and fonts for all printing options you order. Remember that we can talk you through all the options available, so if you are having difficulty, give us a call or log on to the live chat and we will be happy to assist.

Logo Placements

Logo placement is very important. Check out our PDF guide to see the various placement options. Where you choose to locate your logo on the garment will depend on the kind of item and purpose of the clothing. Match your garments with those on the guide and see the different printing locations available for each one.

Each printing option has a number. Match that number on the picture with that on the table on the right hand side of the page. You will see a code for that printing option. This is the code you quote to the customer service reps when you receive a call from us. In the table you can see the exact dimensions of the logo that will be printed.

Layout options of customizing t-shirts decorated with screen-printing.

For example, you will see on the first page the full range of placement options for standard t-shirts. You can have as many or as few logo options as you like. For a simple design, choose number 1 for a large frontal logo. If desired, you can have the same on the back. For more options, consider numbers 9 and 12 which allow for smaller logos to be printed along the bottom seam.

Further down the guide you will see the various options for our whole range of clothing, including custom aprons, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, bottoms and customized shirts.

It is a good idea to have this file open when our customer services team gives you a call to finalize your order. It helps visualize how your custom clothing items will look. Don’t worry if it seems confusing because we are ready to assist with any questions and queries you may have. Rest assured that we will make your custom clothing look amazing! Whether it is for your business, team or club, Entripy custom clothing will not let you down.