Getting Ready For Your Corporate/Tradeshow Events

Clients at trade shows with their custom lanyards and promotional products for giveaways.

When you are at a trade show, conference or an exhibition, you need to stand out. A simple stall with a banner isn’t going to attract anyone’s attention. What then do you use to engage with people and showcase your brand?

Promo key tags and badge holders are immediately engaging items. They are practical and fun. They are fun to hold and touch and people love to use them, especially if they are free. With your company’s logo printed on them they allow for great brand exposure. Hand these out a trade show and they are sure to create a buzz – you can also wear them yourself to look exceptionally smart and professional.

Promo items that target your specific audience

Custom badge holders for IDs at trade shows used for identification and custom promotional giveaways.

The secret to a great custom promo item is make it useful and to choose your target audience carefully. For example, a key tag is a useful everyday item. If you can get people using them every day, they will always have your brand in the forefront of their minds. A card, ID or badge holder is something many employees carry round all day, and just like those items, your brand can be with them all day as well.

If you know your industry well, you will be aware what your target audience needs. With our wide range of custom promo items, you can tailor your own marketing to your particular clientele. Let’s say you’re your business sells medical supplies. You know that doctors and nurses carry round key cards all the time and need something to carry it with. Our custom key tags are perfect. Check out our Hang in There Lanyard - it allows your key card to hang around your neck safely and securely. Make sure to check out our Sublimation lanyards which come in a variety of eye catching and colourful designs, meaning you are sure to standout. With your logo, it will look fantastic.

A range of industries need ID holders, including healthcare, government, security, transport and many more. Check out it our deluxe ID/Badge Holder. The fabric is high-quality and it comes with a breakaway lanyard, meaning it hangs securely round your neck at all times.

Continued brand exposure

Remember that if your potential clients see your logo every day, who do you think they’re going to call for their next order? These superb custom promo items build familiarity and trust, which reaps huge rewards in the form of long term client relationships.

If you run an auto repair or servicing garage, give your clients a Like Keychain when you hand back their vehicle, they might just use it for their keys and whenever your clients go for a drive they will be reminded of your company.

Low cost and unlimited returns

The great thing about Entripy custom promo items like key tags and badge holders is that they are a very inexpensive way to achieve superb brand exposure amongst your target audience. One lanyard or keychain has the power to lead to years of repeat orders – sometimes success is just about getting your brand seen.

Keychain lanyards used for trade shows and custom promotional products as giveaways.

Remember that all our custom promo items are ready to be printed with your logo. These items are superb for building rapport with clients by giving something tailored to their needs. Show them that you understand their business with something they can really use.