Get To Know Our Clients: Tri-FUN Kids' Triathlons

Entripy clients wearing customized t-shirts for a charity event with kids.

Keeping kids active is key to creating a healthy community. Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons provides a way for kids to get active and have fun.

Providing Opportunities for Kids to Be Active

Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons Inc. is an Ontario-based not-for-profit that began in 2014 as a way for kids ages 3-13 to get active, have fun and gain confidence through participation in sport. Developed by Jen Stretch and Lianne Warne, two moms who recognized the physical, mental and emotional benefits kids can reap through being active in sports, Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons provides a fun and supportive environment that encourages kids to live active lifestyles.

Jen and Lianne realized that healthier children and families would create stronger communities. “We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of Canadians at the community level through the inclusive sport of triathlon,” says Lianne Warne, Tri-FUN Co-founder and Co-Race Director. Tri-FUN provides an opportunity for youth participation that both helps grow awareness of triathlons at the community level and motivates kids and families to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Kids’ Triathlon?

At Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons, kids participate in three sports; swimming, biking and running. The distances are age-appropriate. Kids in the 3-5 age category complete a 15-20 metre swim, a 500 metre bike ride and a 100 metre run, while kids in the 10-11 age category complete a 100 metre swim, 5K bike ride and a 2K run.

Rather than a competition, the focus of Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons is on having fun. All participating children receive a custom event t-shirt to identify themselves as participants and they get a medal when they cross the finish line to celebrate their accomplishment.

“Participating in triathlon provides physical, mental and emotional benefits,” says Lianne. “It motivates kids to get active as they prepare for the race and then gives them a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence as they commit to completing the race course and cross the finish line.”

Kids running at the Tri-FUN marathon wearing custom printed t-shirts.

An Underserviced Space

Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons emerged in an underserviced space. There was a lot of demand in the GTA for triathlon, but not enough opportunity for kids to get involved. Since the first season in 2014, the number of registered participants in Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlon has increased by 50 percent. “Tri-FUN has become an annual event for hundreds of families across the GTA and surrounding communities,” says Lianne. The 2017 Tri-FUN event in Mississauga saw 700 kids participating and sold out well in advance of race day.

How Entripy Helps

Custom shirts are an important part of Tri-FUN events. Every participant receives a Tri-FUN participant printed t-shirt to wear during the race and is a valued souvenir by participants. “Wearing their custom event shirt during and after the race is a source of pride for the kids as it displays their accomplishment of having completed the race,” says Lianne.

Personalized t-shirts are also an important part of ensuring safety for all participants. Volunteer t-shirts are worn by the large volunteer crew to ensure they are easily identifiable during the race. “The custom t-shirts are an extremely important part of running a safe and well-organized event,” says Lianne.

What Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons Had to Say About Entripy:

"Tri-FUN Kids' Triathlons was proud to have as our custom apparel sponsor for 2017. The team at Entripy was fantastic to work with for the production of our athlete and volunteer shirts.

Volunteers helping at a not-for-profit event for children wearing personalized shirts.

The process was easy and efficient and the end product was exactly what we'd hoped for. It is obvious that Entripy values both excellent customer service and the production of high-quality shirts. Feedback from our participant families and volunteer crew was unanimous: all praised the comfort and quality of the custom t-shirts provided by Entripy,” Lianne & Jen, Tri-FUN Kids’ Triathlons Co-founders and Race Directors.