Get to Know Our Clients: Power Unit Youth Organization

Youth at a charity event wearing red customized t-shirts with custom design.

Today’s youth are faced with more challenges than ever before.  From changes in technology to new economic realities, today’s youth are tasked with finding their way in our rapidly changing world.  Power Unit Youth Organizationis a youth-driven non-profit organization based in Toronto that strives to nurture and develop youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.  By promoting youth development and empowerment through philanthropic projects, Power Unit Youth Organization gives young people an opportunity to grow and explore and demonstrates to them the impact that they can have on their communities.

Founded in 2002, Power Unit Youth Organization, this volunteer-based organization provides opportunities to empower youth from all over the GTA.  Each year, Power Unit Youth Organization selects a charitable initiative to support during the year.  To date, the organization has raised over $113,000 for charitable initiatives in the GTA.

What They Do

Power Unit Youth Organization organizes three key events throughout the year.  The first is TD Presents: Night It Up! Night Market, an outdoor night market in July featuring nightly performances and street food.  Profits from this year’s Night It Up! Night Market went to ALS Double Play, an organization that strives to make a difference in the lives of individuals suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

Event information booth with volunteers wearing custom printed t-shirts.

Previous beneficiaries have included Raising the Roof, Yellow Brick House, Unity Charity and Second Harvest.  The charitable component of the evening is designed to show youth the impact that they can have in the community, allowing them to believe, act and care in every aspect of their lives.

The e3 Challenge is a leadership development program designed to promote entrepreneurship and excellence in youth while developing skills in teamwork and leadership skills.  5 teams of 5 participants each are equipped with two peer advisors and a mentor with industry experience.  The teams compete in three challenges that span the beginning of July to the end of August and ends with one winning team.

Level Up Career Conference provides an opportunity for youth to learn about and explore different career paths.

Why Custom T-Shirts?

Custom printed t-shirts are extremely important for large events like Night It Up! Night Market to ensure smooth operations as well as the safety of volunteers and patrons. The red customized t-shirts printed by Entripy allowed for easy identification of Power Unit Youth Organization volunteers in a crowded area and were essential for the safety of patrons in the event of any urgent matters during the event. The 100% cotton printable t-shirts worn by Power Unit Youth Organization staff and volunteers were comfortable to wear and symbolized each individual’s dedication and commitment to the event, providing a long-lasting memento of their participation in the organization.

Group of participants at a charity event wearing red custom printed t-shirts.