Entripy's New Embroidery Machine Is A Stitch Above The Rest

Entripy's new embroidery machine printing custom polo shirts for clients.

Step into Entripy’s embroidery department and something shiny catches your eye. Yup – Entripy has a brand new embroidery machine, and it’s quite a gem!

The Tajima TMAR K1508C joined Entripy’s embroidery floor last month. The advanced technology in this machine will allow Entripy to stay current, operate more efficiently, and provide better quality custom embroidered products to our customers.

Showcasing the new features of the Tajima embroidery machine at Entripy for custom embroidered orders.

High Quality Embroidery on Bulky Items

With 8 heads of pure power, the Tajima TMAR K1508C has a digitally-controlled presser foot (an attachment that holds fabric flat as it’s stitched) that can adjust the sewing for every fabric thickness on an individual needle colour.

Enabling Entripy’s embroidery machine operators to electronically control the height of the presser foot means they can set the precise presser foot height for thicker, bulky items such as custom embroidered jackets, blankets and duffle bags. Heads are spaced further apart on this machine (500mm versus 360 mm on the older model) to reduce the stress on fabrics, allowing us to produce more intricate designs, even on specialty fabrics. Plus, because the presser foot and needle are not attached on this model, the needle vibrates much less allowing for higher quality embroidered products.

Improving Efficiency

The Tajima TMAR K1508C’s touch operated display is equipped with an easy-to-use panel and a high capacity memory that can store up to 40 million stitches, or 650 designs. Its addition to Entripy’s embroidery department means we can now produce an average of 700 stitches per minute. (A typical embroidered logo on a custom apparel item has an average of 8,000 to 10,000 stitches.)

Delivering Better Quality to Customers

The Tajima TMAR K1508C joins an army of Tajima machines on Entripy’s production floor. Since 1964, Tajima has been producing premium quality embroidery machines. The company uses advanced engineering to cultivate artisanal skills of sewing, ensuring the best quality products on the market. Tajima machines are low in maintenance and high in accuracy, allowing Entripy to provide our clients with the best quality custom embroidered apparel possible.

Custom sweatshirt embroidered with logo 

for client order.