Entripy's Latest Investment Gets Your Custom Apparel to You Faster

Entripy's new direct-to-screen machine, i-image STE, for all custom apparel orders.

Entripy’s pre-production art department is pleased to welcome a new addition to their team; the i-image STE. The latest technology in screen printing production, this direct-to-screen machine was a key investment to helping Entripy meet our 5-day order completion guarantee and provide our clients with a better quality product; faster! The i-image STE reduces pre-production time by eliminating a number of steps in the process of converting digital artwork to a screen, allowing us to produce custom apparel orders faster.

Doing It Better and Faster!

Prior to using the i-image STE, Entripy’s pre-production department would print client artwork and logos onto films which they had to line up manually using a grid board, then place onto screens and prepare them for exposure. This process would take several minutes per screen and required the work of two people in the process.

The i-image STE completely eliminates the need for films. The machine is connected directly to Entripy’s network, allowing art files to be transferred directly to the machine without any physical loss of artwork quality. The screen is exposed right inside the unit, a process that takes less than one minute to complete.

While in the past, Entripy’s pre-production department could produce up to 60 screens per day, the i-image STE now allows us to produce up to 200 screens a day, significantly boosting to our production capacity and allowing us to get custom apparel orders to our clients faster.

Producing the Best Product

Eliminating these steps in the pre-production process was not the only reason Entripy decided to purchase this piece of equipment. The i-image STE also greatly reduces the chance of human error, making sure that our clients receive the best possible custom product.

Prior to getting this machine, Entripy’s pre-production operators needed to manually line up screens for exposure. Any minor mistake and the artwork would not be properly aligned. The i-image STE locks the screen in place and aligns registration marks, ensuring that the logo is printed perfectly in place every single time, completely eliminating the chance of human error.

Entripy's pre-production team working on the new direct-to-screen machine for customer's custom apparel order.

Leading the Way in the Custom Apparel Industry

“As leaders in the fast-paced custom apparel industry, it’s extremely important for us to continue to invest in the latest and greatest technology,” says Sukha Bhamra, Entripy’s Manager of Pre-Production. “The i-image STE allows our department to be more efficient and to ensure that our customers get the best possible product as quickly as possible.”

For Entripy’s pre-production department, the investment in the i-image STE is a symbol that the company is committed to being a leader in the custom apparel industry.

Entripy recently accelerated our turnaround time, setting a new 5-day guarantee, beating our own best standard. The i-image STE allows us to produce a better quality custom apparel product for our clients, faster and more efficiently, showing why Entripy Does It Best!