Tips On Designing Your Perfect Custom T-Shirt For Charity Events

Group of people wearing bright yellow charity custom printed t-shirts.

Get Your Custom T-Shirt Noticed Even After Your Charity Event!

Charity t-shirts are used as an incentive for participants and as promotional tools for the event and its sponsors, but the impact of a great custom t-shirt can last long after your charity event has ended - every time the t-shirt is worn as a matter of fact!

Get the most out of your custom printed t-shirt by keeping these 6 things in mind:

1 - Avoid White

Although white is commonly selected for charity event t-shirts, probably because it’s cheaper than coloured t-shirts, white shirts simply don’t stand the test of time. White stains easily show more than other colours. Remember, you want participants to be walking billboards for your event all year long and white simply isn’t a colour that stands out in a crowd.

2 - Consider the Weather When Making Colour Choices

When choosing a colour for your custom t-shirt, consider when your event will take place. If your event is in the summertime, a black t-shirt is not the best option as black soaks up the heat.

Family wearing bright green printed personalized t-shirts at a charity event.

A light coloured t-shirt will help keep your event participants comfortable during the event. You should also consider choosing colours that are relevant to your cause. If you’re event is related to breast cancer, for example, a pink custom printed t-shirt would be an appropriate colour choice.

3 - Remove Dates

No one wants to walk around in a shirt that advertises it’s from 1999 when it’s 2016! If you want event participants to wear their event t-shirts years from now, opt instead for printing “10th annual” instead of the year of the event.

Bike ride charity event with a family wearing a purple customized t-shirt representing their family.

4 - Keep It Simple

Yes, you want to thank your dozens of sponsors, but printing all these logos on the back of your event t-shirt can look too busy. Reserve the back of the shirt for one or two title sponsors. This not only gives your sponsor exclusive exposure thereby increasing the value of the ad placement, it makes your custom t-shirt more aesthetically pleasing.

5 - Logo Design

When selecting a logo for your custom t-shirt, make sure it resonates with your audience. Keep the message clear and simple for anyone to understand. Avoid using “insider” jokes that only resonate to a small crowd. Choose logo colours that complement your t-shirt’s colour. If your logo is dark, you may want to select a light coloured t-shirt, as a darker colour will make the logo unreadable.

6 - Opt For High Tech Fashion

More and more, runners and walkers are getting into high-tech fashion. Opting to spend a little more to get a performance shirt will make it more likely that your hard-core participants will sport their event t’s at their training runs and other events. Some of our best and most popular performance T-shirts include the ATC Pro Team Performance T-Shirt, a 100% polyester jersey knit, the Russell Athletic Adult Core Performance Tee whose moisture wicking fabric will keep you dry through the toughest workouts and the New Balance Durance Athletic T-Shirt whose birdseye pique knit mesh offers breathability for comfort in any type of athletic activities.