Design Studio Tutorial: Video Guide to Customizing Apparel

Customizing Holiday Apparel

It’s the holiday season! This usually signals the time to start getting into the festive mood with decorations, food, and of course the right apparel.

Entripy’s Design Studio is a great tool to get creative and start designing your very own holiday apparel. Whether it’s for your friends, family, or coworkers, you can create unique custom and personalized apparel that will stand out from anything that’s sold on the shelf. So, let’s get started!

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the step-by-step tutorial below to see how you can design your very own custom holiday tee in the Design Studio!

What is the Design Studio?

The Design Studio is an interactive tool on that allows the user to control how their custom apparel is designed. The Design Studio allows you to create and see real-time mockups of how your custom products will look like as a finished product.

The great part about the Design Studio is that you can take blank apparel items and make them your own with customization and personalization. You can add text and are able to choose from thousands of clipart options to add to your custom design. You also have the option of adding your own artwork to your design, just make sure it’s in the right format.

How Do I Start?

To start designing you can go straight to the Design Studio, by clicking "Design Now" on the right side of the top menu.

Alternatively, products that are available to be designed in the Design Studio will have a “Design it Yourself” button located next to the “Quote and Order” button underneath the product details. Click the button to be redirected to the Design Studio so you can begin customizing your item.

Please note, not all products available on Entripy are compatible with the Design Studio. To see the full range of products available to be designed in the Design Studio, we suggest browsing the product selection within the tool.

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