Custom Uniform Trends for Retail Environments

Entripy clients wearing red custom polos for their organization.

In any retail or client-facing business, staff uniforms play a big part in telling your brand story. Custom uniforms are multi-purpose, serving as walking advertisements for your business, promoting team spirit and improving the professional image of staff.

Custom staff uniforms are an extension of your brand image. This article by Food Service and Hospitality Magazine notes that Popeyes’ restaurant puts a great deal of time and effort into selecting their staff uniforms. The popular restaurant chain made the switch from a cotton custom polo to a dry-fit fabric one that wicks sweat away from the body to keep wearers comfortable and cool.

When selecting custom uniforms for your retail team, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose the Right Colour

Staff uniforms don’t have to be black or grey. Bright colours that complement your company logo draw attention to your brand and can help you stand out at your place of business or when representing your company at a trade show.

Incorporating your company colours into your custom team uniforms also aids in building brand recognition. Entripy’s marketing team wear yellow custom polos when representing the company at special events. The distinct colour helps to easily identify Entripy staff – there aren’t many people wearing yellow golf shirts!

Entripy employees wearing yellow custom golf shirts for personalized uniforms at an event.

Blending Fashion and Function

When outfitting your retail staff in custom team uniforms, function should be top of mind. Sure, it’s important that staff look good, but a great uniform is also one that staff feel comfortable wearing. If employees feel good about what they’re wearing, they’re able to focus on their job efforts. To ensure your staff stay looking and feeling fresh and clean throughout the day, consider opting for a high-performance fabric that’s easy to care for and stands up to laundering.

The JERZEES Easy Care Sport Shirt is a favourite custom polo for food service operators looking for a durable custom polo that stands up to frequent laundering. Made with a 35/65 cotton/polyester blend, this custom polo delivers moisture-wicking performance to keep wearers dry even while they sweat and an easy-care fabric that is resistant to shrinkage.

Warehouse staff or those who are frequently carrying objects that can “snag” will appreciate the Coal Harbour Snag Resistant Sport Shirt. This custom polo features a snag-resistant fabric that won’t catch on boxes or other objects that staff might be carrying, plus it’s moisture wicking and breathable for comfort.

Casual is on Trend

Custom uniforms worn by Entripy clients with custom logo on their personalized t-shirts.

As corporate dress codes have become more casual, so have retail environments. A custom polo can replace a button-down shirt and tie for front facing staff. Some retail environments are even opting for ultra-casual custom t-shirts to replace traditional uniforms.

A custom t-shirt with your company logo is an easy way for clients to identify staff and is a cost-effective option, especially if you work in a messy industry where custom uniforms need to be replaced frequently.