Custom T-Shirts Make Summer Camp More Memorable

Participants in a summer camp wearing green custom t-shirts with their customized design.

Summer camp is more than just making s’mores and learning how to kayak. According to the Canadian Camping Association, camp allows children to discover themselves. It’s the place where their self-esteem blossoms and where they learn new skills and make strides in the areas of emotional intelligence, social integration and self-confidence. While facilitating new friendships and teaching new skills, many camps provide custom t-shirts to campers and staff to further enhance the camp experience.

Here are the top 5 reasons camps need custom apparel:

1 – Custom Apparel Allows Camp Memories to Live On

Custom apparel souvenirs help kids to re-live their warm memories of summer camp long after camp is over. Custom t-shirts and custom hoodies provides campers with something tangible to remember their camp experience by. Nothing beats cozying up in your favourite camp hoodie on a cool winter’s day and remembering all the songs you sang by the campfire.

Camps may also consider promotional merchandise such as custom flashlights or drawstring backpackswith your camp’s logo that can be used while at camp and become a collectors’ item after. Every time your former campers pull out their custom camp water bottle, they’ll be reminded of that special canoe trip.

Employees at a summer camp wearing orange custom printed shirts with Staff screen-printed on it.

2 – Promote Teamwork

When kids are wearing matching customized printed t-shirts sporting your camp’s logo, they instantly feel a sense of cohesion and team spirit. This feeling of being united as a team can help your campers to bond in their early days at camp and allows them to enjoy the camp experience even more.

3 – Custom T-Shirts Make Identification Easy

While custom t-shirts can be a great value-add gift for campers; oftentimes they are a safety necessity. If your camp is going on a field trip, custom t-shirts in bright colours make it easy for staff to identify your campers.

Custom apparel can also make it easy for campers to distinguish various staff members at the camp. We recommend ordering different coloured t-shirts for campers and staff to ensure campers are able to easily spot who they should turn to for help when needed. You may also want to print STAFF across the back of your custom t-shirts to further help identify these individuals.

4 – Custom Apparel Creates a Festive Atmosphere

Outfitting your campers in brightly coloured printed t-shirts with your camp’s slogan or logo is a great way to liven up the camp atmosphere from the moment your campers arrive on site.

Camp participant receiving her custom sweatshirt and other custom apparel from Entripy for summer camp.

Have a theme for this year’s camp, or a mantra everyone strives for? Print it on your camp t-shirts to remind your campers daily.

5 – Custom Merchandise Attracts New Campers

When campers wear their custom apparel from camp year-round, they help to promote your camp to their friends and others in their community. Customized camp t-shirts are walking advertisements for your camp. Everywhere your campers wear your t-shirts – to school, out in the community – they are promoting your camp. Having a unique design can help your summer camp stand out even more and attract potential future campers.

Entripy is a preferred vendor of the Ontario Camps Association.