Dress To Impress With Custom Polo Shirts In Time For Spring

Staff displaying custom golf shirts with custom embroidered company logo.

Stylish Custom Golf Shirts For Your Staff

Polo shirts offer comfort, style and practicality, which is why they are a firm favourite for many companies across a range of different industries. Smart enough for client facing roles and cool and comfortable enough for physical work, custom printed polo shirts are the perfect high performance work gear for your employees. As we step into spring, take a look at how custom polo shirts will benefit your workforce.

Staff Picks For Personalized Golf Shirts

Displaying staff picked polo shirt as the favourite for custom apparel with company logo.

Head over to our Polo shirts and you will see special icons on some of our products. These are our top recommendations for clients looking for a combination of quality, style and value. These are the items that our staff have handpicked as excellent quality that we are proud to offer our customers. Take a look at the Nike Ladies Victory Polo. Available in 11 different colours, this tailored ladies polo is 100% polyester and features DRI-FIT technology, which keeps you cool and comfortable, even during the longest and toughest shifts. Suitable for a range of different jobs across many industries (from restaurant and retail to installation and technical jobs), it is smart and professional but comfortable and flexible enough to cope with the physical demands your staff face.

We also offer the Nike Men’s Victory Polo, which is the same custom polo shirt but with men’s styling and 2 collar buttons instead of the ladies’ 4.

It is also available in 15 colour options for maximum customization. These custom golf shirts boast UV 30 protection, making them perfect for outdoor work. They are ideal for your staff if they are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, and of course perfect for golf coaches and staff, tennis coaches and sports teams.

Custom Polo Shirts With Your Logo

The hallmark of a professional business or organization is customized clothing. We offer polo shirts with your unique logo, with 3 different decoration options: screen print, embroidery or twill. We highly recommended embroidery as it is high quality, will make your logo stand out and creates a great impression. Choose where you want your logo placed on your embroidered polo shirts, select the quantity, upload your logo and you’re ready to go.

Think about the optimum colour combinations of your logo and custom polo shirt. If your logo is light in colour, consider a darker background. Conversely, if your logo is dark, consider a lighter coloured shirt. It is important that your logo is crisp and clear so it stands out.

Embroidering machine creating a logo with a design on custom polo shirt.

Are Personalized Polo Shirts Suitable For Your Business?

Are you wondering what kind of shirts your employees need? Custom polo shirts may be the answer if you work in any of the following areas: retail store, restaurant, sports team, technical maintenance company, logistics, transport, delivery, construction and more. If your employees need to look smart and professional whilst maintaining freedom of movement, personalized polo shirts are ideal.

Keeping you cool, comfortable and focused on the job, custom polo shirts are the perfect way to bring in the warmer spring weather.