Creative Advertising With Custom Clothing

Entripy hit the streets of Toronto with its very own creative guerrilla marketing stunt. Launching flash mob promotional stunts at 3 of the city’s busiest intersections, Entripy let the world know that custom clothing can pay huge dividends for your business.

All over Toronto, groups of Entripy employees engaged in an innovative “freeze-5 “, like a high-5 but stopped in motion. This eye-catching publicity stunt immediately grabbed peoples’ attention and got them talking. Who are these guys? What are they doing? People were asking us what Entripy is and they just had to know what we do. Our response was simple: if you have a logo, we will put it on anything you like.

We make custom t-shirts, custom sweaters, custom pens, custom hats and more. And why? Because the potential for brand awareness with our custom printing is stratospheric. Custom printing means that your business can print custom t-shirts with your logo and other details.

Imagine that you have retail store and want to drum up business. What better way to get noticed than to dress in promotional custom t-shirts with your logo and maybe even a special offer. It is a simple, easy and cost-effective way to get seen in the local area. Create a buzz with Entripy’s custom printing – it could be the marketing tool you’ve been looking for.

From custom t-shirts and sweaters to specially design custom promo items, the power of custom printing as a marketing tool is immense. Whether your company is presenting at a trade show, conference or fair, it allows hundreds, even thousands of people to see your brand and logo. Part of a successful business is simply about being seen and Entripy custom clothing allows this kind of kind of brand exposure.

Custom printing as a marketing tool goes beyond custom t-shirts and custom sweaters. Entripy can print your logo on a custom pen, a custom mug, a custom t-shirt, sweatshirts, bags and more. Whatever you have in mind for a promotional event, Entripy can print it, meaning you will stand out on the street, in-store or at the conference or trade show.

Entripy wages war on high prices. Guess who wins?

You can see from the video that we engaged in epic battle between custom-t-shirts and high prices. Unsurprisingly, Entripy won! Entripy offers the best custom printing for t-shirts, sweaters mugs, pens, bags hats and more – all at very affordable prices. This is despite record cotton prices that have seen our competitors hike prices. Entripy have kept prices low, because we place the customer at the heart of everything we do.

That is Entripy’s commitment to providing custom printing for businesses at prices that represent amazing value. For our low prices we offer a range of high quality brands that fit any purpose and promise to revolutionize your company’s marketing.

Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, yoga studio or plumbing company, you too can have your logo on anything you like, providing your business with a hugely valuable marketing tool. Unlock the amazing power of brand exposure with Entripy.