Choosing An Effective Location On Your Custom Apparel

Customize Your Clothing

Customizing clothing with a logo is popular for many reasons. Custom t-shirts, golf shirts & various styles of custom clothing and promo giveaways are an excellent promotional tool, a great way of encouraging team spirit and a fun way of getting people involved with your brand, organization, school or sports club.

Customizing clothing with a logo may sound simple enough, but you need to decide where to place the logo if you decide to design your own shirt, for instance. Much of this decision can depend on your reasons for deciding on customization in the first place. We’re going to take a look at why using a logo can be a good idea, and how the reason for using the logo can help you decide where to place it.

Why Design Your Logo On Custom Clothing?

There are many reasons why you may decide to use your logo on clothing; here are some of the main advantages.

Marketing: Offering items such as t-shirts to customers as a free gift, can be an excellent idea for a business. If you place your logo on your shirts, you are basically hiring many mobile billboards, at an affordable price. Of course, this doesn’t just work for business, it’s also a great way of spreading awareness of organizations and sports clubs. You can also offer custom clothing as personalized gifts, to business associates.

Team Spirit: Whether in business, or for a sports team, having a logo on jerseys, t-shirts or bottoms can create a feeling of belonging and team spirit.

Promotion: As well as using logos on clothing for marketing, by giving clothing to customers, wearing clothing with logos at events provides an excellent opportunity for business or organization promotion.

Where Should You Place Your Logo?

We’ve taken a look at the potential reasons for using a logo to customize clothing. It’s important to consider how the location of your logo fits with some of these reasons. Let’s consider some of the most popular places to locate a logo or design on custom clothing.

Front of a t-shirt

A full front location is easily the most popular for logos on a t-shirt. This choice fits for all the reasons for customization we looked at. It’s an excellent marketing tool, as the logo is very visible when the t-shirt is worn. The same applies when the t-shirt is worn during promotional activities. Finally, having the same logo on the front of a shirt is great for team spirit, and not just in the conventional sense. Think of all those funny t-shirts for bachelor parties you’ve seen.

Printing smart text on the front of a custom t-shirt for full exposure.
Embroidering company logo on custom golf shirts for employee uniforms.

Left chest of a custom golf shirt

Customization of a golf shirt with a business or organization logo is very common, and is an excellent way of building team and corporate spirit. The most common location for this customization is the left chest. If you want to be a little alternative, then the right chest is also a possibility.

Hip or down the leg of bottoms

Many schools or sports organizations choose to customize bottoms such as sweatpants. Again, this is an excellent way of encouraging team spirit. The most popular place to add a logo to bottoms is on the right or left hip, or down the leg.

Custom sweatpants with personalization lettering for school uniforms and teams.
Printing locations with the most exposure on custom jerseys for schools and teams.

Front and back of athletic jerseys

Athletic wear, such as a jersey, is customized to encourage team spirit, and to market the team or club. Usually athletic wear is customized on both the front and back. Left chest and full front logos are both popular, usually with a team or club name and possibly a number, on the back.

Restrictions Of Specific Locations

We’ve looked at where you should locate a logo on clothing, but there are also restrictions on where you can place a logo. Here are some of the restrictions you need to think about when you are looking at customizing items of clothing.

  • When a garment has a wrist sleeve it’s often not possible for printing machines to take in that area of the top for printing.
  • Seams on some types of hat can be too thick for the printing machine to work on.
  • Seams in general do not make a good location for printing. The thickness of the material means that any ink in the area is likely to pool.
  • Hopefully we’ve given you some useful tips on which location to use for your logo on custom shirts and bottoms, in order to customize your clothing most effectively. Keep in mind the restrictions some locations may have. Entripy's customer service reps have a response time within 45 minutes, or Live Chat online who can help recommend locations feasible to your specifications.