Changing Fashion Trends Of Custom Sweatshirts

From stay at home comfort wear to high street fashion and everything in between.

Custom sweatshirts and hoodies embroidered or screen printed with company and school logos are popular in Canada and worn in winter, spring, fall, and even summer. These warm and cozy garments have evolved from a worker’s utility item to a popular fashion staple. Just how did this happen?

When did it become acceptable to wear something in public that not that long ago was only for relaxing at home on the sofa? While the history may be a little shady, we’re glad sweatshirts and hoodies have become mainstream fashion items. Not least because they are comfortable, often affordable and offer an opportunity for unique custom printing.

Entripy clients displaying their custom hooded sweatshirts, embroidered toques and customized caps at an outdoor event.

The Sweatshirt’s Origins

Originally intended to keep athletes warm while they waited trackside before a race or event, sweatshirts were never designed with fashion in mind. They were designed purely for practical reasons. Custom sweatshirts, decorated with team, company and school logos, would go on to be used for traveling to the gym and for relaxing around the house and as we all know, have even come to be a mainstream fashion statement.

The Workwear Beginnings of the Hoodie

The hoodie first made its appearance in the early 1930s when Champion Products added a hood to sweatshirts to protect laborers from the elements. Outdoor workers and those working in cold-storage warehouses needed a garment that would provide extra warmth in those cool conditions. The addition of a hood at the back neck of a sweatshirt was a practical solution to provide this much needed additional warmth and coverage to keep workers warm in windy and cool conditions.

The Darker Side of the Hoodie

A group of campers wearing custom hooded sweatshirts with their custom design.

The transition of the hoodie as a fashion item began in the 1970s when hip hop culture started to gain popularity in New York City. The hooded sweatshirt, with its capacity for providing anonymity, was first used by graffiti artists who wanted to keep a low profile while engaged in perhaps illicit activity. The hoodie gained popularity amongst urban youth, especially those associated with hip-hop culture, graffiti art or urban sports, for its ability to endow the wearer with a tough, outsider status.

The Hoodie Makes a Name in Hollywood

Then in 1976, the movie “Rocky” was released in which Silvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) is seen sporting a grey hoodie. The hoodie became synonymous with having working class roots, hard work and athleticism. It was then that the hoodie began its introduction into mainstream culture.

Custom Sweatshirts and Hoodies as Fashion Staples

The hoodie is now considered a mainstay fashion item amongst all sectors of the population. Entripy frequently screen prints and embroiders custom hoodies for school groups, sports teams, laborers and business clients. A custom hoodie is a staple item for university groups as a practical and cozy garment to show off school spirit. A custom hoodie embroidered with a corporate logo is a great casual Fridays garment for offices.

Sweatshirts (without the hood) have become smart casual alternative to a fine knit sweater, illustrating the wide popularity of this flexible garment. Worn under a blazer or over a shirt, you suddenly have modern take on smart casual, making it acceptable attire for dinner with friends or in the workplace.

For the fashion conscious, hoodies and custom sweatshirts have offered up many design options. You can screen print or embroider your custom design or logo on the front, back or sleeve of a custom sweatshirt. Custom sweatshirts and hoodies make great employee gifts as they can be worn all year long – as an extra layer on a cool summer night or during the winter under a custom jacket.

From Campus to the High Street – How Students Define Clothing Trends

As Canada’s leading retailer for custom sweatshirts and custom hoodies, we take a great interest in how apparel trends develop. Of course, sweatshirts have long been a hit with students, with varsity sweaters featuring the name of the university offering a great way to show school spirit and enjoy a sense of belonging. And it is not surprising that young people with a shared identity and outlook drive new trends. A varsity sweater or hoodie allows students to represent their university and enjoy a sense of community and school pride.

The popularity of sweatshirts has moved beyond the campus and into normal every day wear and even haute couture, with leading brands like Kenzo leading the way with vivid and iconic designs.

Custom blue sweatshirts worn by students at university with their school custom logo.

With or without a hood, custom sweatshirts are extremely popular and for good reason, they are comfortable, warm and look great.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies Perfect for Custom Printing

Custom sweatshirts and hoodies offer a large print surface that is ideal for screen printing and embroidery. This means university logos and team logos are visible and high quality. Entripy offer a wide range of custom printing options for custom sweatshirts and hoodies, perfect for sports teams, clubs and societies, both on and off campus.

If you are looking for a custom uniform for your college, team or club that combines style, comfort and team spirit, check out Entripy’s wide variety of hooded and non-hooded custom sweatshirt options. Personalize your custom sweatshirt or hoodie with your name, number or title. Plus, with tear-away tag options, you can even design your own line of customized clothing with your own unique designs to package and sell.