Canada's 150 Years Old & Entripy's Ready To Celebrate!

Displaying Canada 150 logo with all Canadian identities. CN Tower skyline, polar bear, maple syrup etc.

Canada’s year of celebrations has begun. Companies and organizations across the country are gearing up for this momentous occasion in Canadian history. From community events to nation-wide celebrations, Canada’s 150th year is sure to be a blast.

Entripy is ready to take part in the year-long celebration. We are now an official license holder of the Canada 150 logo, meaning companies, individuals, organizations and events will now be able to add the Canada 150 logo to their custom apparel orders and celebrate Canada’s birthday in style!

Showing Canadian Pride

Since 1999, Entripy has been screen-printing and embroidering custom apparel, helping customers celebrate the special occasions in their lives, from corporate anniversaries to fundraising events, sports championships, school events and more. Now, as an official license holder of the Canada 150 logo, we will be helping Canadians to celebrate the biggest milestone in our country’s history.

“Something like this only comes around once or twice in a lifetime, so we wanted to be able to give our clients the opportunity to celebrate it by providing them with the ability to add this logo to their custom apparel orders,” says Entripy’s CEO Jas Brar.

Adding the Canada 150 logo to your custom clothing will make your apparel commemorative. This is great news for event organizers who want their custom t-shirts to be worn time and time again in public long after the event is over.

Canada 150 logo displayed on custom t-shirts & custom sweatshirts for customers to print on their custom apparel.

What Does the Canada 150 Logo Mean?

Based on the iconic maple leaf symbol, the Canada 150 logo is composed of a series of diamond shapes arranged in the shape of the maple leaf. The four diamonds at the base of the leaf represent the four original provinces (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) that formed Confederation in 1867. The other nine diamonds extend out from the base to represent all 13 provinces and territories.

The logo was designed by Ariana Cuvin of Toronto, who won a nation-wide competition for the Canada 150 logo. The original logo is comprised of 11 colours, but has been simplified to one colour. The one-colour Canada 150 logo can be printed or embroidered in white on a dark background or red on a light background.

For Canada's 150th year, customers can print this logo on their custom apparel order.

A Proudly Canadian Company

When Entripy was granted permission to print the Canada 150 logo, everyone at the company was enthusiastic. The custom apparel industry is mired with companies who operate overseas, so being an official license holder of the Canada 150 logo is a great way for Entripy to stand out as uniquely Canadian. As a proudly Canadian owned and operated company, we process orders, decorate apparel and ship right here in Canada. To jump start celebrations, Entripy will be providing customers with a free commemorative Canada 150 custom t-shirt as a gift with purchase during the month of January.

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