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Branding Your Logo to The T...Custom T-Shirts With Tear Away Labels

Entripy offers Jerzees brand for full customization with tear away labels of custom t-shirts.

Do you want to personalize your custom clothing as much as possible? Then check out our range of custom t-shirts with tear away tags.

Our clients love our range of custom t-shirts with tear away tags because it adds to the personalized nature of the item. Adding your own tag with your brand’s logo really maximizes the customization of any product – take custom printing to the next level with Entripy.

A great touch for your business

If you are looking to professionalize your custom uniforms for your business, a t-shirt without a tag can really accentuate the style and aesthetic you create for your business. A tear away tag means that you can add your own, which is a special custom touch that your employees will notice. Whether you run an exclusive restaurant, a high-end retail store or a department in a major corporation, you often need the very best quality custom clothing– right down to the label.

Ready for your clothing line

If you run your own clothing line, you need high quality customizable t-shirts that are ready for you to add your own label. Entripy offer a wide range of quality shirts ready to be branded by your company and sewn with your own tag. We don’t just allow you to design your own shirt, we enable you to create your own brand.

They are more comfortable

Tags can be uncomfortable and many people find them irritating. We have all had items of clothing where the tag has rubbed against our neck and just doesn’t feel right. If this sounds familiar, take advantage of Entripy’s custom t-shirts with tear away tags, and don’t let labels rub you up the wrong way.


This much loved customizable range offers great quality t-shirts with tear away tags that are perfect for your team or business. Amongst the many cost-effective items that we carry, one of our most popular is the HiDensi T, available for both adults and youths. This pre-shrunk 100% cotton jersey is perfect for a range of purposes, from restaurant staff to corporate away days. Its tear away tag means this high quality, low cost custom t-shirt is fully customizable, right down to the label.

Alstyle Apparel

We are proud to offer a range of excellent quality Alstyle custom jerseys made with sport in mind. If you are looking for a high performance custom shirt, look no further than the Alstyle Raglan and Alstyle Shooter. They both feature anti-microbial material with wicking technology to keep you cool when the game heats up. If your high school or company sports team are look looking for the ultimate in customization, these customs sport shirts with tear away tags are just the ticket.


If you are environmentally conscious, you should check out our Anvil Men’s Sustainable T-shirt. Made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester, this custom shirt is gentle on the environment as well as your skin. It is ready for your custom printing, anyway you want it. The tear away label means you can add your own style in every way possible.

N3 Sport

N3 Sport offer great custom sportswear, including the fantastic Dry Fit Tank Top. For both men and women, this 100% polyester shirt is soft touch and anti-bacterial. It is perfect for all sports and exercise from yoga and Pilates to basketball. Fully customizable and available with tear way tag, it is ready to be completely personalized.

When it comes to custom clothing, the quality is in the detail and we are proud to go the extra mile to deliver everything our customers need. Whether you manage a business, team, or your own clothing brand, we understand that you are unique which is why we personalize as much as possible – right down to the label.