Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Screen Printing Company

Screen-printing machine using blue ink to create a logo on customizable t-shirt.

From quoting your custom apparel order to decorating garments and delivery, there’s a lot that goes into fulfilling a custom t-shirt order. While many companies offer custom screen printing services, most operate as middlemen; purchasing blank t-shirts from one vendor, getting them printed at another vendor and shipping them through a third.

With hundreds of custom apparel companies offering their screen printing services, it can be hard to know who to give your business to. Understanding what a full-service screen printer can offer you can not only save you a lot of headache, but can save you time and money, too.

Whether you’re a small business in need of 12 custom t-shirts for a team building event, or you’re a promotional company in need of 12,000 personalized t-shirts for a national marketing campaign, you can benefit from working with a full-service screen printer.

A full-service screen printer is involved in every aspect of your custom apparel order process – from providing a quote to printing your design on your printable t-shirts all the way through packaging and delivering your order. Working with a screen printer that touches all aspects of your custom apparel order means you have one point of contact for your entire order. That means you can focus on your other projects, knowing your custom t-shirt order is in good hands.

Here are just a few advantages of working with a full-service screen printing company:

Customer Service

Full-service screen printers are staffed with a customer service team who watch over every aspect of your order. The customer service team is your point of contact when pricing your quote, getting your art proof, making changes to your order and even through to ensuring your order gets printed and shipped on time.

Entripy's yellow box for packaging all custom apparel orders.

When dealing with a full-service screen printer, the customer service team is your advocate at every stage and know exactly where your order is in the production cycle.

Rush Orders

It’s Wednesday and you just realized you have an event on Saturday and need 100 custom t-shirts for your attendees! While most custom apparel companies require two weeks or more to complete your order, a full-service screen printer can get your custom t-shirt order to you in a hurry. Because they control every aspect of the production cycle, a full-service screen printer can fulfill your order often within as little as 24-48 hours.

An Economical Choice

Many customized apparel companies act as middlemen who order blank apparel from one vendor, get it screen printed at another and charge a mark-up to clients on both services, a full-service screen printer controls every aspect of the production cycle and are therefore better able to control their costs of production and pass on those cost breaks to you, the customer.

Knowledgeable Staff

A full-service screen printer is knowledgeable about all aspects of the screen printing process, because they do everything in-house. Whether you have a question about the type of inks used in the screen printing process, or questions about the printability of your specific logo or design on a certain type of garment, a full-service screen printer has a team of experts on hand who can answer your concerns.

Delivery / Logistics Management

A screen-printing machine printing custom apparel orders with their customized logos.

A full-service screen printer ships your custom apparel order directly from their facility. This means they are capable of customizing shipping solutions for you. Are you a local business and want to pick up your order? No problem. A full-service screen printer may even offer you a tour of their facility so you can see how your custom t-shirts are printed.

Are you a national charity that operates events in several cities across the country and need your order of 10,000 custom printed t-shirts divided up and shipped to five different destinations? A full-service screen printer can do that, too. When dealing with a full-service screen printer with in house production, the customization options are endless.

Working with a full-service screen printer like means you can rest assured your custom t-shirt order is in good hands from start to finish. Contact us and let us know how we can help you with your order.