A Look at How the Entripy Team Works From Home

Working From Home. Staff Contributions

Social distancing has changed a lot of things. But one of the biggest changes we’ve all had to face in every industry is adjusting to working from home. The Entripy team officially moved to working from home, in effort to do our part in responding to the situation.

While initially this was quite a big adjustment for most of our team, I think we can say that a few weeks in, we’ve gotten the hang of it.

We wanted to have a little bit of fun and use this as an opportunity to introduce our team -- or rather their spaces -- to you. We asked our employees to send us pictures of their home offices or work spaces, to give you a closer look at how we’re making the most of this new normal.

Staff Work From Home
Staff Work From Home
Staff Work From Home

In This Together

The current and ongoing situation has created various unknowns that have led to all of us having to adapt and do things in a new way. So, if working from home hasn’t always been your cup of tea, you can still work to make the best of it. Find ways to stay productive, create a makeshift office space or integrate new routines and practices that fit with your new work from home lifestyle.

And let’s remember to keep staying connected with one another even while we’re apart. Working from home isn’t always the easiest thing so continue to find creative ways to stay in touch with your employees and coworkers. We’re in this together!