5 Ways To Make Your Family Reunion A Success

Group of family members at their family reunion with yellow custom t-shirts.

Family reunions are great fun, but they can also be stressful affairs for organizers. In honour of International Day of Families on May 15th, we’ve put together these tips to help you organize the most memorable family reunion ever!

Save the date

Accommodating everyone’s personal schedules is always difficult, but setting a date well in advance will help ensure the maximum number of attendees. If you want your family reunion to be an annual event, schedule it on the same date every year so family members can organize their yearly calendars around it. By setting your date early, you can also be sure to take advantage of early booking discounts for your preferred hotel, camp site or venue.

Family members at a family reunion display customized t-shirts and embroidered hats.

Choose a fun theme

A theme helps to build interest and excitement around your event. Having a theme can also make the planning more fun as you incorporate it throughout your food, activities, games, invitations and your custom clothing.

Family history

Celebrate your family’s history. A family reunion is a great opportunity to reminisce about the past and pass down family stories to younger generations. Create a blank family tree on your custom printed t-shirt and have each member fill in their information, have fun with a family trivia game and set out old photos and family memorabilia, or ask all attendees to bring pictures of themselves, their partners and children to create a family photo album where each family unit gets a page dedicated to them.

Make memories

Don’t forget to take tons of photos and videos at your family reunion so you can all remember the fun you had together. Select someone to be in charge of making sure photos and videos are collected and shared with everyone either through a website or email group.

Big group of family members with customized designs on their screen-printed t-shirts.


Custom t-shirts not only make a great family reunion giveaway; they serve as a reminder all year long of the fun you had together. Plus, getting everyone to don the same custom printed t-shirt makes for a great family photo!

In addition to personalized t-shirts, Entripy can help make your family reunion memorable and fun by printing your family’s name on custom water bottles, sun visors, sunglasses, blankets and more.  These items can make for great prizes or as a souvenir for all family members as a reminder of the fun you had together.