5 Ways to Build Unity Through School Spirit Wear

Building Unity with School Spirit Wear

We all have that one shirt that’s buried in our closet or a dresser drawer. It doesn’t really fit us anymore but it’s definitely a shirt that’s been lived in. Pop it out and we’re sure it’ll bring back loads of school memories. We’re talking about custom school spirit wear.

For the longest time, school spirit wear and merchandise has been a popular tool to promote school unity and build team spirit. Think of a drama club or a sports team – individually the team members won’t look connected, but now picture them wearing matching tees with the school logo printed across the chest. Now that’s how you build effective team spirit.

We’re going to go through 5 ways that school spirit wear promotes a sense of community and builds long-lasting unity.

Makes Students Recognizable

Ever gone to a tournament or a team event where students from multiple schools are present? We’ve been there and the one way to ensure you don’t lose your students in the crowd is to outfit them in matching custom school apparel. Not only does this make sure your students are recognizable, but it also promotes school and team unity.

Builds Momentum

Being a part of a club or a team at school is all about building connections over a shared interest or sport. The best way to motivate or build excitement amongst your team members is through custom apparel. Putting together some custom tees specifically for the drama club or the debate team helps bring groups closer together and makes them feel like a collective unit. Customize apparel with your school logo and then team name combined to make this spirit wear extra special.

Promotes School Pride

Spirit wear is the perfect choice to show off school pride and community. Students are the main force that represent a school and the best way to make them feel proud of the community they’re a part of is through spirit wear that connects them to their school and peers. Make your custom spirit wear branded by adding on your school logo or mascot to make it extra special.

Memorabilia Piece

We’re sure when a lot of you read that opening paragraph on this post you could immediately think of a school t-shirt or hoodie that you once wore all the time during your school days. Custom school gear is the perfect piece of memorabilia that your students will hold on to and carry with them for years to come. The key is to pick classic items like durable t-shirts and hats that may look lived in after a few washes but will still hold up their wear for years to come.

Fundraising Tool

Nothing brings people closer together than a shared cause and school spirit wear is the perfect tool to raise some extra money. The key is to communicate what the money raised will be used towards – extra books for the library, lunch programs, or school events. You’d be surprised how many parents and students will be willing to purchase school spirit wear to show their support and lend a helping hand.

Key Takeaways

Custom school spirit wear has so many benefits to offer. But the main commonality is that it promotes and builds school unity for students and parents. Schools are at the core of many of our communities and we should celebrate that everyday!

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