5 Tips on Planning a Memorable Virtual Graduation for The Class of 2020

Virtual Graduation

It’s that time of year again! Graduating is a huge milestone in every student’s life. And while this year has definitely not gone as planned, this is still a time to celebrate and recognize your graduating class’ accomplishments. Though social gatherings have been cancelled, we know that lots of schools are hosting virtual graduations as a way to honour their graduating class.

We put together some tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your virtual graduation to make it extra memorable for your grads.

Connect with Social Media

We’re all on our phones more than ever right now and social media has always been a good choice to connect with younger generations. Create a hashtag for your senior class and encourage students to use it across platforms. This is a great way to get your students to share their experiences with one another and remain attached to their school spirit even while we’re apart.

Incorporate Senior Traditions

Find ways to include normal senior traditions into your virtual celebrations. An example is when students take part in a group picture wearing their school or team apparel to show off their school spirit before graduating. Though you may not be able to do this in person, ask students to take their own pictures, which you can use to make a compilation of all the submissions and share with your students.

Custom Grad Designs

Who said quarantine couldn’t be fun? It’s a bit of an odd graduation this year, so why not celebrate this unusualness with some fun quarantine-inspired grad designs! Not only will these connect students together while we’re all apart, but they’ll also serve as a fun memorabilia piece to remind us all of our virtual school and graduation experience. Use our Design Studio to create your own custom grad designs and share them with your friends and classmates!

Feature Graduation Speakers

We could all use some words of wisdom or humour right now and guest speakers are usually one of the most anticipated parts of a graduation ceremony – of course after walking up to get your diploma. The benefit of having a virtual ceremony is that you have the opportunity to recruit tons of different types of speakers because travel and accommodation won’t be an issue. And since this is a time where we’re all looking for ways to connect and come together, it’s worth reaching out to even your most famous alumni to get them on board!

Pick the Right Platform

A large part of any virtual event is picking the right platform that will accommodate for your entire senior class and all other attendees. Zoom is an especially popular platform that lots of organizations lean towards because of its easy to use functionality and shareability. Microsoft also has a bunch of options and services that you can choose from to best organize your virutal graduation.

Happy Celebrating

As we all look forward to June, let’s try to end of this school year as normally as possible for our students. We hope you’ve gained some insights into how you can make this year just as memorable for the class of 2020.