5 Things You Didn't Know You Could do in Design Studio

Guide to Design Studio

Entripy’s Design Studio is a tool that allows our clients to design their custom products in a creative and interactive way. It’s a great way to design your product in real-life and get a feel for what your end product is going to look like once it gets printed and shipped.

The Design Studio has a lot of functions, from choosing your product to adding text and images. But we thought we’d let you in on some inside tips and tricks so you can take your designing to the next level. Keep reading to find out five unique things you could do in Design Studio to get extra creative with your custom products.

Access Pre-Uploaded Artwork for Easy Designing

Designing your products again or maybe you’ve come back to design a new product? Design Studio lets you skip the hassle of having to reupload your artwork and provides you with the ability to browse and select your previously added artwork. To access this, make sure you’re logged into your account, then click the “Add Image” tab on the left-hand side and select “Add Proofed Artwork.” Now you’ll be able to see your previous artwork uploads and all you need to do is select your choice and click “Add.” With a few simple clicks you can head over to checkout with your custom apparel order!

Design Studio Proofed Artwork

View Your Previous Design

If you’ve designed a shirt or a hoodie previously and don’t want to go through the hassle of recreating your entire design, you can quickly access your previous designs in Design Studio. Select “Your Designs” from the tab on left hand side and you’ll be able to view all your previous designs. Click “Edit” to see your design in full view and you can choose to make edits here or you can simply update your colours and quantity for a simple reorder process. Just make sure you’re logged into your account before you try to view your previous designs.

Design Studio Previous Designs

Add a Personalization

Make your design extra special by adding a personalization. In the “Add Text” section of the design panel you can choose to add names or numbers to your apparel item. While this does have an extra cost, it adds an extra touch to your custom design and makes it stand out more. This is a perfect option for anyone that’s designing team or sport uniforms and want a personalization to make each apparel item unique.

Design Studio Add Personalization

Add Multiple Products, Colours & Sizes

The best thing about Design Studio is the ability to multi-task while designing. Instead of having to design one product at a time, you can choose to add on multiple products, while also being able to customize the particular sizes and colours you want for that specific products. This makes it easy to quickly design a variety of products all at once!

Design Studio Add Products, Colours and Sizes

Design Water Bottles

Our Design Studio isn’t just for designing apparel, you can also design your own custom water bottles! To start designing water bottles, select “Other” from the drop down menu in the product selection window. Another method is to search up “water bottle” in our search bar within the product selection window in Design Studio.

Or you can head over to our drinkware category and browse our selection of water bottles there. When you’re ready to start designing, simply click “Design it Yourself” and you’ll be redirected to the Design Studio where you can start customizing your water bottle, your way!

Design Studio Design Water Bottles
Design Studio Design Water Bottles

Start Designing

Now that you’ve gotten the inside scoop on the unique features of Design Studio, you can start customizing products with your creative artwork or logo. Click here to start designing now!