4 Money Saving Tips When Checking Out on Entripy

Tips on Saving Money at Checkout on Entripy

From one business to another, we know how looking for the right deals is essential for keeping costs low and budgeting as much as possible. But you don’t always have to look for a discount code or wait for the next big holiday sale to save on Entripy.

We’re going to take you through 4 simple things you can do to get everyday savings when you checkout online at Entripy. Keep reading to find out all about it!

Cash Credits

Cash credits, or otherwise known as Entripy Cash Credits, is our customer loyalty program. On every purchase, our clients earn 5% back in cash credits to be used on their next order. These cash credits automatically get added to your account and you view this information in your account under the “My Cash Credits” tab on the left-hand side. Cash credits are redeemable for three months after they go live and are automatically applied in your shopping cart for your next order.

Cash Credits

Order Pickup

When you checkout on Entripy.com we provide three shipping options and one of them is our free in-store pickup. Since we print and package all our orders in-house in our Oakville, Ontario facility, we provide the option for our customers to pickup their order directly in-person and best of all – its FREE. If you live in the Toronto area, simply choose the “In-Store Pickup” option when you’re checking out and we’ll send you an email with all the details on the pickup process when your order is ready.

Group Like-Designs

This is a step that’s done before heading to checkout, but regardless it’s a great thing to keep in mind while shopping on the site. And that is to group like-designs. For example, if you’re thinking about ordering multiple apparel items with the exact same design on each item, you can group them together to get a volume discount. The key to this trick is to make sure you’re choosing products with the same decoration type, location, and you’re adding the same artwork to each item. If you have an item with a similar decoration type and location already in your cart, the volume discount option will then appear on the “Quote and Order” page for the selected product.

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