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Screen Print Vs. Digital Print

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a method of decorating your custom apparel using inks, which are passed through a mesh screen to achieve your design.  The way it works is simple; your logo/design is exposed onto the screen, washed out, set-up on our press and using a squeegee-type blade the ink is passed through the screen onto the shirt.

  • We use phthalate & lead-free plastisol inks which are verified and laboratory tested to the highest standards in the world
  • Screen printing used to be referred to as ‘silk screening’ because in the past silk was the material used on the screen before synthetic mesh screen were created
  • Concerned the ink isn’t going to last on your t-shirts?  Properly screen printed apparel will not rub off, crack or peel. The general rule is that the screen print should outlast your shirt, but remember that your wear and care for the garment will affect its life span
  • Screen prints are dry cured through a conveyor dryer once the temperature of the ink reaches 320 degrees FH
  • Screen printing is the most recommended decoration method for custom t-shirts
  • The cost of screen printing varies by quantity and the number of colours in your design. Each time a colour is added to the design a new screen needs to be made which is why the price per item increases every time you add an additional colour or print location
  • Due to the nature of the printing process screen printing is not recommend for all garments


Digital Print

It’s about time the digital word began mingling with the custom t-shirt industry, and we are all over this!  Whether you are looking to customize a t-shirt for the newest addition of your family or wanting to wear and share your own unique designs with the world, digital print is the method for you.  Our digital print method allows you to have full colour artwork customized on low quantity orders (including just one piece!) without the hefty price tag.  On top of all this goodness the cost of using this method doesn’t change based on the number of colours in your design or how many different designs you have, but rather the pricing will be based on the size of the area that needs to be covered.  With a digital print your logo is printed out onto special media which is then weeded, masked and heat pressed onto the garment. 

  • Digital printing is highly recommended for technical fabrics
  • Digital printing also is great for those bachelor party t-shirts where you need full colour images on a low quantity order
  • There will be a background behind your design but we will match this as closely as possible to the garment colour.  There will be a difference between the background/ outline and the t-shirt colour as they are two different materials.