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Service Levels

Entripy offers 5 different Service Levels catering to a range of custom apparel timelines.

Whether you need a 24 hour rush order or your're planning ahead for a promotion next month, we will work with your deadline to ensure you receive your order on-time!


Icon of standard shipping service guaranteeing order in 7 business days for custom clothing.

Standard Service

7 business days
No charge

Rush service offered shipping order less than 6 business days for custom apparel orders.

Rush Service

Less than 6 business days
15% upcharge with a minimum of $60 up to a maximum of $100. 
Subject to confirmation of production availability. 

Entripy's hot rush shipping service within 24-48 hours for custom clothing orders.

Hot Rush Service

24-48 hours
$195 Charge

Entripy's economy shipping service with 10 business days with discount of 5% off custom clothing order.

Economy Service

10 business days
Discount of 5% off your order up to a value of $25

Entripy's special order service for shipping custom clothing orders.

Special Order Service

15 business days
This service level is available with a selection of items that require a longer production and delivery time.